Your dog says a lot about you, and BichOh! collars a lot about him. Smart collars, with an original and very attractive design, can be combined each other or they can match your own look to make you both shine radiant. Handmade by skilled craftsmen, BichOh! collars incorporate top-quality raw materials especially suitable for walks and outdoors games.

  • Greyhounds

    Martingale collars for greyhounds. Made in fabric with a soft interior padding for greater comfort.

  • Always Lines

    Lines, sketches, plans, areas... this is what Always Lines is about, first collection inspired in details and fabrics with urban soul. Our collars, prepared with a careful selection of fabrics and colours, honour urban spaces with undeniable beauty and elegance. They are perfect for all those Bichos, who like us, enjoy the walks and the parks in their cities.

  • Patch

    Photography, this would be the word that better suits this collection inspired by feelings and colour effects extracted from the enjoyment of some of our favourite places. We decided to capture these feelings into fabric and creating a collar that brings scraps of beauty from those places that we love to remember.

  • Double Patch

    Update the patch concept to bring the design to 40 milimetres. Collars 4 centimeters wide because of the change of Patch philosophy to a longitudinal plane, the plane of two independent ribbons, two feelings, talking among themselves from start to finish throughout the development of its existence.

  • Monochrome

    Neither basic nor plain color, the monochrome collection are collars with fabrics full of passion and feeling, no need supporting or companion. Simple, elegant and strong presence, so our monochrome line.

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