BichOh! Explores the field of exclusivity and excellence. This new range of products is made in 100% natural leather and made in Spain in a handmade way.

Its quality, its finishes, the practicality of its designs ... everything! Will make them the perfect complement for your BichOh!

  • Leather Collars

    Elegant two-tone leather collars with double locking. One traditional to adjust the size the first time it is used, and click closure for quick and easy use of the collar during the day.

    100% natural leather handcrafted in Spain.

  • Leather Leads
    Every great collar needs a great lead.
    Bichoh! leads 100% natural leather
  • Bags

    Essential accessory for your ride. Wear it on the lead to save all those little necessities: treats, poop-bags, keys ... its pyramidal shape and its zipper closure makes this bag an incredible multipurpose.

    Manufactured in premium leather, handcrafted in Spain, makes it the perfect complement.

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